2018 Is Year of the Travel Agent

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You’ve worked hard, you’ve saved and now it’s time to plan your vacation. When you put your trust in a Travel Leaders agent, you’ll have a professional travel advisor who has your back every step along the way. That’s why, 2018 is The Year of the Travel Agent – time to honor those professionals, as well as explore what they have to offer for your next trip.

First and foremost, Travel Leaders agents are passionate about visiting new places and trying new experiences. They’ve traveled extensively, scouting out options for destinations, transportation, hotels, resorts and activities. They’ve become specialists in certain types of trips or parts of the world, whether it’s destination weddings and honeymoons, cruises, trips to Hawaii, the great capitals of Europe or an African safari. Through their travels and work planning trips for clients, they’ve developed close relationships with airlines, hotels, resorts, cruise lines and tourism boards in destinations around the world. They have access to exclusive benefits and discounts, the types of added amenities and deals that travelers can’t get on their own. 

Travel agents use that deep well of expertise, developed over many years, to design a personalized experience for each client. Each traveler has unique needs. Agents are skilled at getting to know a client’s travel style – their interests, the types of places they like to go, the activities they enjoy and the type of accommodations they prefer. Some clients may want a more active trip with lots of outdoor activities. Others may want a relaxing beach trip. Or perhaps they love the cultural attractions of a big city. Whatever you want, your travel agent is someone with whom you can have a conversation and get all your questions answered, perhaps even some you hadn’t thought about. 

While there’s a lot of travel information online, it can be overwhelming, especially if it’s about a place you’ve never visited before. Often, it can be difficult to separate what sounds good from what really is worth your valuable time and money. A travel agent can help cut through that clutter of information, read the fine print and help you plan the experiences that are truly worthwhile, the ones you’ll remember for a lifetime, whether it’s the attraction that’s a must-see or the restaurant you really must try, or something off the beaten path. And all the while, they will work within your budget, to help make your dollars travel further. 

Your travel agent’s job doesn’t end when you start your trip. Wherever you go, travel agents provide their clients with peace of mind. Your agent is a real person, accessible in real life. If you have a problem while you’re away from home, whether it’s with transportation, an accommodation or in the event of a weather disruption or emergency, or even if you just want to extend your stay or change your itinerary, your travel agent is available to help. There’s no substitute for being able to get ahold of someone around the clock. 

If you haven’t used a travel agent, or you haven’t done so in years, contact a Travel Leaders professional to learn what they can do to improve your travel experience. Click below to get a free quote.    

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