Business Travel: Cruise into Your Next Meeting


If you’ve been thinking it’s time for a change of pace at your next business meeting or corporate retreat, consider holding it on a cruise ship. You may be surprised by some of the advantages.

Recent surveys indicate that the majority of Americans have never taken a cruise, so you’re likely to have many first-timers along with veterans. That creates a sense of adventure, a new environment that can help stimulate creativity. In addition to getting work done, it’s a bonding opportunity. You’re creating a new experience for many of your employees, ensuring that this is one business trip they’ll never forget. And veteran cruisers will appreciate another opportunity to travel in a way they love.

Cruise ship ports are easily accessible from many cities, so it’s easy to plan a trip of several days, a week or longer to popular locations like Mexico or the Caribbean. Wherever a cruise ship can go, your business can go, too. No matter which destination you choose, you’ll have a blend of exciting ports of call and days at sea to conduct business. It’s a leisure experience for your employees that can help boost morale and give them a built-in vacation.

The atmosphere on a cruise ship is casual and relaxing, perfect for building camaraderie, and that can help improve teamwork. A cruise ship is a self-contained environment, so there’s a greater chance that coworkers will get together with each other or with their clients once they're off the clock. As people get to know each other and take part in the same experiences, whether it’s by the pool, dining together or on a shore excursion, they’ll feel more comfortable with each other. That can lead to better collaboration and brainstorming on the job as coworkers become more confident about sharing ideas and opinions.

A cruise can offer some financial advantages for businesses, too.

Terry DentoncorporateComment