Business Travel: Making a Home Away from Home


There’s no denying that business travel can take its toll. It can mean hours in the air, living out of a suitcase, spending time away from home, friends and family, but there are ways to make it feel more like home. Here are some suggestions on how business travelers can balance work and life while they’re on the road.

If you go to the same destination for business travel, try to develop a routine. For example, stay at the same hotel each time. The front-desk clerks will get to know you and be ready to help with everything from restaurant tips to room upgrades that can make your time away from home as pleasant as possible. When your surroundings begin to feel more familiar, you’ll be more at ease.

And don’t let those healthy habits that you’ve developed at home go by the wayside when you’re on the road. Concentrate on eating healthy, staying active and getting plenty of sleep. Use the hotel gym or just walk when you can instead of taking a cab. Look for restaurants that use fresh, local ingredients. A burger is fine sometimes, but don’t settle for whatever fast-food place is nearby.

Also, apps like FaceTime and Skype make it easier than ever to stay in touch with loved ones wherever you are around the country or around the world. When you’re on the road, try to develop a ritual that keeps you in touch with loved ones at home, whether that’s sending a daily email or calling right before bedtime, or snapping some interesting pictures to share when you get back.

At the end of a long workday, give yourself some time to recharge just like you do at home. Take advantage of that different location to try something different, such as experimenting at a new restaurant with cuisine you haven’t tried. Or, it could mean engaging in local cultural activities, taking in a sporting event, checking out a brewpub in the area or strolling through the neighborhood that’s lively in the evening. If you’re feeling low on energy, spend the evening relaxing at your hotel.

If your company allows it, build a “bleisure” trip into your business travel. Take a few days either before or after the business portion of your trip to do something fun, whether it’s sightseeing or relaxing on a beach. If you extend your trip by a few days, a family member or significant other may even be able to join you on your mini vacation. If you plan your bleisure trip before your business trip, you could wind up saving your company money with a cheaper flight, or get more accomplished by being better rested before you begin work. Either way, taking personal time can make a business trip more of a perk, and help maintain that crucial work-life balance.

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