How To Ensure Peace Of Mind


Just for fun, let’s suppose that you have been contemplating taking that long overdue dream vacation. Since you seem so obviously bright, let’s credit you with the wisdom of seeking the advice of a professional travel advisor to help you plan your trip. Here is where I feel obliged to give you a little heads up. At some point during the crafting of your unforgettable vacation experience, your travel advisor, if worth their salt, will bring up the subject of travel insurance.

I think it is safe to surmise that when you were daydreaming about wiggling your toes in glistening white sand while imbibing some nectar of the gods, the topic of insurance never made even a cameo appearance in your idyllic fantasy. But, as you will see below, travel insurance may not be sexy, but it is significant.

Now if I were your travel advisor, what I definitely would not do is attempt any kind of scare tactic to persuade you to take out insurance. Not that doing so would be all that difficult because over the years I have heard all sorts of real-life stories that would grow hair on a billiard ball. Nevertheless, I would not take that tact as the odds of frightening you out of taking a vacation at all are probably at least as great as talking you into travel insurance. That would not be good for either of us!

Secondly, I would not tell you what you should do in this regard. I will leave the ethical discussions to your priest, your physician and obviously your mother who has decades of experience telling you precisely what you should and should not do. Deciding whether to purchase travel insurance is not a moral decision, but it is a very practical and serious one.

So instead of either terrorizing or moralizing, I would opt for recommending. I would suggest you purchase travel insurance and leave the decision to you. Here are a handful of simple reasons I think travel insurance makes a world of sense.

Sometimes in life, things go all pear-shaped (just in case you have never noticed)! To name just a few:

  • Your baggage can be lost

  • Your flight can be delayed, and you miss a connection

  • You could lose your passport

  • You could have a medical emergency

  • A family member could fall sick before you depart

Without protection, some of these eventualities could ruin your day, others spoil your vacation and some could even create a financial catastrophe. The equation “Cost of Insurance “vs. “Possible Consequences of Not Having It” are heavily tilted in favor of obtaining insurance.

If the whole idea of a vacation is to escape the pressures of daily life, what you are really buying with travel insurances is peace of mind. Travel insurance doesn’t prevent anything negative from happening, but it does go a long way toward protecting you from the consequences.

I would never suggest “What Would Terry Do?” ranks up there with the more familiar version of that phrase but nevertheless, if it were my vacation, I would buy a Travel Guard Gold Plan . . . a beautiful balance between cost and benefits and then soar off to the paradise of my dreams to party like it’s 1999 (a bow to you Prince fans out there).