Fam Trip Policy And Forms

Here are a list of guidelines for familiarization trips.

  • Each Vacation Travel Advisor has an annual fam allocation based on these guidelines:

    • You must have an annual revenue production in the previous year of $50,000 (unless you are a new advisor).

    • Allocation will be based on 2% of the previous year's production with a maximum of $3,000.  

    • Allocation does not roll over to the next year.

  • Below is a form to request a fam.  All fam trips require prior approval.  

  • The proposed fam trip must have both a clear company benefit and a clear correlation  with your personal career development plan.  (coming soon)

  • Advisor must submit the report form below within one week of returning.  These reports will serve two purposes:  1)  to educate your fellow VTAs and 2) Provide personal experience information to use in marketing.

Fam Trip Request Form

Name *
Please include destination, supplier, length of stay, and COST.
Departure Date of Proposed Fam
Departure Date of Proposed Fam
How do you see this particular fam benefitting the agency and your career path.


River Cruise Report Form