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  • Hot Leads  Qualified New Traveler Inquiries
  • Partners   Leading Cruise, Tour and Hotel Supplier Partners
  • Commissions Top Sales Commission Levels
  • Sales Advantages Special Value-Add Amenity Hotel and Cruise Programs
  • Technology   Unparalleled Agent Sales Tools and Technology
  • Marketing   Award-Winning Print and Email Marketing Opportunities
  • Training   Professional Product, Destination and Specialist Educational Programs


Discover Our Proven Approach

We not only know how to build a strong travel business of our own but, more importantly, we've proven we know how to help others do the same.

We assume you are here, not because you got lost wandering through cyberspace, but because you either are or aspire to be a home based travel agent.

While there are rare exceptions, most serious independent contractors in the travel industry align themselves with a strong host agency for a variety of reasons. Here are a number of few key factors you should consider. All of these are elaborated upon elsewhere on this site.

Proprietary Offerings

  • By booking through a host agency, you get higher commission levels from a wide variety of suppliers that would be difficult to replicate on your own. As a hosted agent, you obtain access to hotel and car programs that greatly increase your income potential.
  •  Host agencies, such as ours, can provide you access to both quality training and state-of-the-art technology not easily duplicated.
  • Unlike some host agencies, we provide a plethora of marketing tools that enable you to not only service existing clients but grow you business by attracting new customers. Read More
  • Since independent contractors largely work alone, a host agency can provide opportunities online and in person to network and learn from you peers.
  • In our case, our affiliation with Travel Leaders, the unquestioned travel industry pacesetter, gives you access to numerous proprietary programs that enhance your ability to shine with your clients.
  • Through a host agency like ours, you have access not only to affordable errors and omissions but also cyber theft insurance covering bookings made through us.
  • We all know size matters with vendors and through your affiliation with us, you increase recognition and clout when you require personal attention.

We encourage you to go to our About YOU benefits page to explore in detail all the reasons it makes sense to align with our host agency in particular!


Select A Customized Program

The needs of every independent contractor are unique. That is why we offer a customized and tailored approach.

Bronze Level

This level is intended for new, inexperienced or limited skill agents who require accounting or agent assistance.

Characteristics of this level:

  • Agent retains 70% of commissions on all transactions and service fees (as defined and stipulated in the Independent Contractor agreement).
  •  The agent will pay the host agency a ticket fee of $5 for each ticket issued through the host agency.
  • The annual fee is $100.00
  • E&O insurance and cyber insurance is required at a cost of $150. $100 will be waived it the agent can produce a copy of their own policy with the host agency clearly endorsed.)
  • The agent must submit to a background check at a cost of $100.00.
  • The agent will be subject to all the miscellaneous fees spelled out on Exhibt "B" of the Independent Contractor agreement.

Silver Level

This level is intended for experienced agents who are largely self-sufficient, able to run their own invoices and produce meaningful annual revenue.

Characteristics of this level:

  • Agent retains 80% of commissions on all transactions and service fees (as defined and stipulated in the Independent Contractor agreement).
  •  The annual fee is $100.00
  • E&O insurance is required.  We highly recommend you obtain your own policy.  We can supply you with an excellent contact.
  • The agent must submit to a background check at a cost of $75.00.
  • The agent will be subject to all the miscellaneous fees spelled out on Exhibt "B" of the Independent Contractor agreement.

Gold Level

This level is intended for exceptional agents who have a high level of expertise, require minimal assistance, produce a signficant annual revenue and support preferred suppliers. Each case will be considered on an individual basis.

Characteristics of this level:

  • Agent retains 90% of commissions on non-ARC transactions and service fees (as defined and stipulated in the Independent Contractor agreement).
  •  The agent will pay the host agency a ticket fee of $5 for each ticket issued through the host agency.
  • The annual fee is $100.00
  • E&O insurance and cyber crime insurance is required at a cost of $150. $100 will be waived it the agent can produce a copy of their own policy with the host agency clearly endorsed.)
  • The agent must submit to a background check at a cost of $100.00.
  • The agent will be subject to all the miscellaneous fees spelled out on Exhibt "B" of the Independent Contractor agreement.

Optional Add-ons

Marketing Platform

We offer a proprietary Travel Leaders Marketing Platform for a very modest fee of $25.00 per month. Click here to see the details of what it includes.


Access to ClientBase, the number one CRM (customer relationship management) tool in the travel industry for only $12.00 per month.


Grow Your Customer Base

Since most of your time is spent working in your business, we give you easy to use marketing tools to help you work on your business.

Without a doubt the single biggest challenge in growing a small independent contractor business is that you have to spend so much time working IN your business (booking travel, resolving problems) that you have very little time to work ON your business (marketing, planning, training, etc.).

With that in mind, SuperHostAgency offers you access to a suite of marketing tools to enable you to grow your business with a reasonable investment of time and energy. A few items are available at no charge to all of our independent contractors. We realize that some of you either have enough existing customers (lucky you) or feel comfortable marketing on your own.

For those, however, who could use a special suite of powerful marketing tools to help them attain their business objectives, we have a proprietary Travel Leaders Marketing Platform available for a very modest one time fee of $75.00 and a monthly fee of $25.00. You will find a list of all the included benefits below.

These marketing opportunities are available to everyone:

  • Access to professionally organized Sales, Destination and Supplier training sessions to keep you well informed and up-to-date
  •  Access to Mercavia, Travel Leaders' online resource for one-stop network information.
  • Invitation to attend the annual Travel Leaders national meeting.
  • Access to both suppliler driven and Travel Leaders proprietary familiarization trip opportunities. This includes invitation-only and luxury travel events around the world.
  • Weekly emails from Travel Leaders headquarters to you called "Your Travel Edge" with the most current special offers for your clients.
  • Assistance in developing a social media marketing strategy with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Ability both to market to your customers and possibly host "Distinctive Voyages", a proprietary cruise group amenities program that includes a host, private excursions and private cocktail parties.
  • Access to professionally produced talking points so you can position yourself as an authority with the media.
  • Access to a constant flow of proprietary Travel Leaders promotional travel offers not available to most of your competitors.
  • Access to Travel Leaders "In-Country Partners" program which links you with vetted destination management companies all around the world.

Marketing Platform option:

The benefits of this program are listed below:

  • Free on your behalf email marketing sent automatically to your customers with your branding.
  •  Direct mail platform where you manage the entire process - You decide which promotions you want to support, you decide which of your customers receives the promotion and you pay for these on a per piece basis. These mailings will contain your brand and call to action.
  • Includes a "limited use" of the Travel Leader's brand, along with your brand, to further increase your credibility.
  • "Personalized Identity Page" that will appear on Travel Leaders website - This page will have your picture, bio, your featured destinations and your featured specialities. This page will be in the rotation to receive qualified inquires from the web.
  • "Promotional Landing Page" which contains product that reflects the marketing emails and Direct Mail - This page has your unique personal URL which you can put on business cards and promote as you please.
  • Sophisticated capability to manage your client list in a secure, confidential and easy-to-use environment unlike any in the industry.
  • An initial supply of professionally designed Travel Leaders business cards highlighting your logo and contact information. Additional business cards and stationary are available at a modest cost.


Answer Your Pressing Questions

You've got questions; we've got answers. Take a stroll through this section to find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How long have you been in business and what is your history?
We have been in business for over 25 years. You can read about our proud company history on our About Us page.

 What are your organizational affiliations?

  • ARC
  • IATA
  • ASTA
  • OSSN

What Programs / Packages do you offer?

A full explanation of the participation levels available within the powerful SuperHostAgency network is explained on the Select A Customized Program page. (link to this page)  This is where you select your level of participation and find out about the associated costs.

What does it take to get started?

The Getting Started page will exchange the information necessary to initiate the process.  

How and when do I get paid commissions?        

You will get paid every two weeks ten days after the close of the relevant ARC period.  You may be paid by check or by ACH direct deposit. 

Do I need Errors & Omission insurance? Cyber insurance?

Yes, both E&O and Cyber insurance are required.  We can obtain both for you at a relatively nominal fee or you can obtain your own.   However, if you elect to provide your own Errors and Omissions insurance, you must furnish evidence that Main Street Travel And Tours, Inc. is specifically named as a covered party. 

Will I get IATAN, CLIA cards, fam trips and travel benefits?

IATAN and CLIA card are subject to the terms laid out by those organizations.  Should you qualify, we will assist you getting a card if you do not have one. 

Fam trips and other travel related benefits are made available to our independent contractors on a regular basis.  Final approval resides with the host agency and the supplier involved.  The best way to get abundant travel benefits is to be a very productive agent. 

What training will be available to me?

At the current time, we do not accept independent contractors with no training or experience.  However, if you avail yourself of  Travel Leaders Of Tomorrow, an online travel academy, and successfully complete the course, we will give you an opportunity to join our network. 

For our partners, there are a host of online training opportunities both from Travel Leaders headquarters and from supplier webinars.  When we have in store trainings, we welcome any independent contractors who live in the area. 

What GDS do you use and can I do my own ticketing?

We use Sabre.  Ticketing is permitted for those agents who can demonstrate a reasonable level of proficiency. 

Do you provide coverage while I am out of the office on vacation?

Coverage is available and will be assessed on a case by case basis. 

Can I book groups/book into your groups/provide assistance if needed.

Yes, we welcome group opportunities on all these levels.   


Hear From Satisfied Agents

Take a moment and read these endorsements from some of your peers who have profited greatly from their relationship with us.

"I have been working as a home-based agent through Super Host since 2004. It has been a good working relationship. After working with a small Mom & Pop agency previously to that I appreciate especially that fact that agents are paid on a bi-weekly scale and promptly. I've never had to question that my commissions were going to be paid. That was a huge problem before coming to Super Host. I also appreciate that I can call you and get feedback when I have questions and concerns. Looking forward to the future with Super Host." - Laurie, NC

"As a full-time home-based agent with corporate and leisure clients planning individual and group trips, SuperHostAgency has provided superb comprehensive hosting services to me for 11 years. Sabre access and ticketing capabilities 24/7 including holidays, quick direct connect to local Business Development Managers for all major travel suppliers, agent support at major airlines, webinar invites, FAM invites, expert marketing guidance and back-end support are yours when you are selected as an agent to be hosted by SuperHostAgency. And if there’s a hiccup with a major supplier requiring additional backing to get a resolution, you’ve got a "big dog" on your side to get fast positive results." - Teri, Irving TX.

"I stay with SuperHostAgency because of having a personal relationship with the people I am dealing with like Judy, and Robbert. I want to know who I am talking to and for them to know me." - Paula, Dallas, TX.


Serve The Religious Market

We offer you access to low missionary fares with flexible rules on major international carriers.

Our History

Since our inception in 1986, we have specialized in serving the unique missionary travel needs of the religious community. Over that span, we have assisted literally thousands of people traveling around the globe for religious or humanitarian purposes. Through the warmth of our service and the competitiveness of our missionary rates, we have earned a stellar reputation in the missionary and humanitarian marketplace.

Drawing upon our extensive experience, we've developed best practices for a variety of travel situations and apply them to our clients' unique individual missionary and humanitarian travel needs.

Our Travel Agent Partners

Missionary travel is the only portion of our business where we promote our services not only to the travelers (retail) but also other travel professionals (wholesale) who have customers traveling for religious or humanitarian purposes.

Many other agencies and independent contractors have discovered, just as we did many years ago, that the religion and humanitarian travel market is huge, ever expanding and, to some degree, recession proof. This is true because the commitment required to travel internationally, often at one's own expense, to help others is not easily deterred by economic downturns or catastrophic world events.

Whether you are already taping into this burgeoning market or looking to enter it, we have both the missionary contracts and the know-how to help you succeed.