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Cruising is one of the most popular vacation options in today’s travel market.  I have personally been on many cruises and I love talking to people about cruising and helping them decide which cruise is best for them. 

Today there are many options for going on a cruise.  Where to go?  How long?  River or Ocean? Mega-Ship or Small Ship?  Do you want to see everything along the way or do you just want to enjoy the amenities on the ship?  Is it a special occasion? Is it a group of people?  What is your price range?  Do you plan to fly to the departure port or do you want a cruise close enough you can drive? 

Based on each client’s circumstances and what they want from their cruise, I’m able to quickly narrow down the available options and help them decide which works best for them. 

If you’re thinking about a cruise and you’re overwhelmed by all the information available to you, I hope you’ll contact me and together we’ll narrow down your options and start planning the perfect cruise. 


When people are looking for a luxury travel experience, their expectations are high.  As they should be.  Which travel companies and/or cruise lines are truly considered luxury? What makes them luxury and is the price tag of luxury travel really worth it? These are questions that people ask when they are considering a special vacation. 

Many times people are surprised to find out that luxury travel is more affordable than they thought when they take into account all the inclusions of a luxury trip.  Generally, a luxury cruise or tour will include many things that are not included in a non-luxury package but which they would purchase separately.   

Another thing I’m able to help with is interpreting which cruise lines or other providers are really in the luxury category.  As a travel advisor I know which travel products fall into the luxury category and which do not. 

If you’re thinking about that very special trip and want the nicest possible thing, let me help you with all the options and decide if luxury is affordable for you.


Some of my favorite times are with my family when we are traveling together.  My personal travel experiences are very valuable when I’m helping a family plan their own vacation. 

Most often a family trip involves a warm destination and most likely includes a beach.  Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and cruises are extremely popular with families. 

Disney, of course, is extremely popular as well and has theme parks on both coasts plus an array of other travel products specifically for the family market such as Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruises. 

Some families prefer educational destinations such as Europe, New York, Washington DC, and some prefer mountain destinations that might include skiing or other cold-weather activities.   

Accommodations for a family vacation require careful planning.  Depending on where you’re going and the size of your family, you may need more than one room, or possibly a suite or condo so everyone can be together, and you want to be sure that any place you stay is “family friendly”.   

Through my training and my personal experiences I have lots of knowledge to share with you to help you plan the best family vacation possible.

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